How to Prepare for your Senior Portrait Session

Rest: Wake up well before appointment, so you won’t look like you just got up. Be on time with your first outfit on.

Clothing: Wear clothing that you feel is flattering in fit & color. If an outfit looks baggy or too tight, it will look the same way or worse in a photograph. Wear clothes that you normally wear. Solid colors and long sleeves work best.

We will be doing some formal portraits as well, so make sure to bring something “dressier”. Deeper, solid colors photograph well with formal backgrounds. High necklines make the neck seem shorter and face seem fuller. Short sleeves make the arms appear larger.

• Guys, bring one pair of dark socks and a tie for the formal.
• Casual outfits in earth tones work best for outdoor photos.
• White or bright colors work great with white or abstract backgrounds.
• Take extra care with your outfits so they don’t wrinkle. Retouching will
not remove wrinkles.

Helpful Hints: Coordinate your shoes & jewelry that are to be worn with each outfit, then put in a plastic bag & hang from hanger of that outfit.

Hair: Wear your hair the way you naturally do. If you need a haircut, do it at least one week before your appointment.

Glasses: If you wear glasses, be photographed in them but arrange to borrow lensless frames from your optometrist or have him remove your lenses from your glasses, temporarily.

Nails: Hands will show, so make sure nails are clean. If you wear nail polish, check for chips. Natural or basic polish color work best.

Make-up for the girls: Keep it natural. Come to your appointment with your make-up on, then you can touch up if needed. If you normally don’t wear make-up, wear just a little so you have some extra color with the lighting.

Shaving for the guys: Make sure you are clean shaven. It is very costly to retouch stubble and facial hair.

Tans: Don’t overdo. Tans will appear darker in photographs. Sunburn is very costly to retouch. There is an additional charge to remove tan lines.

Props: Make your portraits reflect who you are. If you plan on a sports shot, include all your uniform tops & shoes for each sport. Extra things to hang up could include awards, ball gloves, hats, sweat shirts and t-shirts, letter jackets, band instruments. Cars, pick-ups & motorcycles are great too. Pets and siblings are also welcome.

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