Your Family Portrait is a statement of who you are at this stage in your lives! The clothing you wear, and the location and props that are included will say a lot about your family’s personality.

Whether your portrait is made at the studio, outdoors, in your home or another location, the clothing that you wear will have the greatest influence on the artistic impact of your final image. The important thing is not so much what color or style you choose, but that all members of your group have a consistent look, and your outfits BLEND together.
The following are some guidelines to help you achieve the best results in your family portrait.

  • Coordinate the colors of your family’s outfits. Make sure the colors are in the same family of color and approximately the same tonal (brightness) range. There should not be any outfit that tends to stand out compared to the rest in the group. (Example) if everyone will be in black shirts, you don’t want Mom do be in red. She may not always be placed in the middle of the portrait and will stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Solid colors are the best! Do not wear clothing with bold patterns, stripes, or with logos/printing across the front.
  • Try on your outfit the day before your session to make sure it fits properly. Sit down in a chair to make sure it does not pull too tight when seated. Skirts or dresses should cover the knees when you are in a seated position.
  • Shoes and socks will likely be showing, so make sure they coordinate. If your clothing choice is medium/dark, wear dark shoes and socks. No bright sneakers please!
  • Wear your normal hairstyle and makeup. This is not the time to experiment with something new.

A clothing consultation is highly recommended so that we can help you select the proper clothing and setting for the best result in your Family Portrait!

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