1. Wear clothes that are comfortable.
2. In a true smile, your teeth will show. Make sure to bring dental floss in case your photo session is scheduled after you have eaten.
3. If you are wearing a jacket, please try it on ahead of time to make sure it is not too tight. If it feels too tight, it will look that way in the photo.
4. Make sure to get enough sleep the night before your session to avoid sleepy looking eyes.
5. If you have a shirt with a company logo, you may want to be photographed in it for advertising.
6. If you wear glasses, it sometimes hard to avoid glass glare. It is a good idea to borrow a set of empty frames from your optometrist, or you can temporarily remove your lenses from your frames.

For Women

7. For a no jacket casual look-bring a blouse or sweater that is darker than your skin tone
8. Avoid big prints and busy patterns
9. Scarves are nice but can be distracting if it is too big or busy.
10. Keep jewelry very simple-smaller is better. Any necklace longer than chest level will get cut off in a close-up head shot.
11. Be stylish, but remember the picture is about your face and not your clothes or jewelry

For Men

12. Schedule your photo session when you can be clean shaven
13. If you have facial hair, make sure it is trimmed
14. If you are not wearing a jacket, stay away from white and pastel colored shirts. It tends to make the face appear lighter.
15. When wearing a tie, make sure the top button of your collared shirt will button and is not too tight.
16. Make sure your shirt and tie have been ironed, wrinkles will show.

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